Techno Flow Kish LLC is a privately owned company providing a comprehensive inspection facility to the oil&gas field industry.
Techno Flow Kish LLC was formed in 2010 to provide NDT inspection and renovation services to the Oil & Gas industries onshore and offshore region with its core business being the non-destructive testing of downhole rotary equipment, production tubing, casing and rig parts etc. Clients pay even closer attention to an organization's safety (HSE) records, especially when signing new contracts. A good health and safety record is seen as a competitive advantage. Techno Flow Kish LLC offers a complete inspection package which meets all of our clients' requirements.
Techno Flow Kish LLC focuses on providing value to clients through improved performance, effectiveness by becoming an integral part of their operations and quality objectives.
Our services cover a vast range; from the very basic tubular examinations to the more critical inspections which include API, DS-1 and AWS. Our area of expertise is specifically in NDT. We stand for quality and reliability where our strength is measured by our client's satisfaction.
We believe that having the best inspection system available in itself is not the sole criteria in obtaining a quality inspection. The system is only an extension of the people who are ultimately responsible for the services provided.
Our strength is an experienced team of inspectors which have developed and honed their skills by multi-tasking conversant with standards, codes and the awareness of a client's ever changing requirements.
Our mission is to achieve and maintain the highest level of a client's confidence and satisfaction.